Woman bent down to talk to friend in a wheelchair

Putting Privilege into Practice

Now that we have defined privilege and discussed applying it for good in theory, it's time to put your privilege in practice in the websites you build and the content you write. It is time to talk about accessibility.

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Two men of different races having a conversation

Applying Privilege For Good

In my first post on privilege, I defined the basics. But all that theory is useless prattle without anything to put in practice. Recognizing your privileges is a great first step to making the web better for everyone, but if you are among the privileged, you need to do more. It's time to apply your privilege.

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Woman on a ladder reaches up for help

Defining Privilege as a Developer

Whether we want to admit it or not, our various privileges color everything we do. Sometimes it is conscious, sometimes not. Regardless, our privileges affect not only ourselves but those we interact with on both a personal and professional levels.

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