I Got Married

Funny how I said I’d stick to a schedule, and then immediately abandoned that, eh? I probably should have mentioned that the schedule starts next week because the past two weeks have been a little hectic. They always are, thanks to New Year’s and my birthday being a week apart. But to add to all that, I got married!

Meeting Lindsey

I met Lindsey on a dating app, and unlike most of my dating app experiences, we clicked immediately. We ended up texting back and forth for nearly 11 hours that first day. I knew something was special about her because she just got me. Most people don’t (it’s why I’m doing this site), so the fact that she did was a good sign.

After a few days of chatting and scheduling, we went out. The first date went really well, as expected, and only confirmed what we already felt. There was definitely something special there. That night, we both decided to delete our dating apps and give this a shot. Turns out that was a good call!

Now it’s important to note that we’ve both been married before. We’ve been through divorces and all that goes with rebuilding your life, so the idea that we found each other and immediately clicked the way we did wasn’t a surprise. When you are really specific in what you’re looking for, and you find it, it’s easy to jump in headfirst. And jump in we did. I’ll spare you all the full story, but within 6 months we got engaged (on her birthday no less!).

A True Partner

When I said she gets me, I meant it. Lindsey has become a true partner in life. She goes beyond accepting what makes me different and instead encourages me to really be myself even if it is inconvenient. Her support is what has allowed me to rebound from a few devastating professional situations that hit me last year and still manage to rebuild my business. She even helps me out with back-office work from time to time when she’s not busy doing school work, and during the summer may end up starting her own little division of Impossibly Creative.

Most importantly though, her support pushes me to be better. To feel like I’ve earned the support she gives, especially when I don’t feel worthy of it most of the time. She’s such a kind, special person. I’m so incredibly lucky to her in my life. You can learn more about her on her website, once she starts updating again that is!

New Schedule & Wyvern Updates

Getting back to that schedule thing…

My plan is to do weekly updates. I meet with my blogging group on Wednesdays, so expect a new post sometime on Wednesday (likely the late afternoon). Once the company site gets going again, I’ll split updates between the two, likely alternating weeks, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I also have a couple of quick bits of info on Wyvern, my theme framework. I’ve started a new client project and am trying out the child theme method used by StudioPress/Genesis. Assuming it works well for this project, and there’s no reason to think it won’t, I’ll make that the standard for all Wyvern projects. My first update on Wednesday will detail my decision-making there. I’m also starting a plugin boilerplate project as I need to set a personal standard for custom plugins. I just started scaffolding it today, but feel free to follow the progress on GitHub.

Adam Soucie
Adam is a WordPress developer based in Orlando, FL, and the founder/CEO of Impossibly Creative. He is a member of the WordPress Orlando organizing team and a frequent speaker at the WordPress Orlando meetup.

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