This site runs on the Wyvern theme, a custom theme built by myself for all of my future Impossibly Creative projects. Below you’ll find the changelog. If I’ve updated Wyvern or this site, I’ll note it here. The headings will correspond to the release tags on GitHub.


The initial beta test release. The current color contrast issues are intentional, to illustrate the importance of contrast as an accessibility issue.


  • Added the Popular Posts widget to the single post sidebar. The functionality has been there since launch, but I wanted the posts to have a few “likes” before adding it. The full widget code is on the Wyvern GitHub.
  • Added a photo to the “Now In Beta!” post because it looked weird without one.


  • Updated the About page to reflect my change in status within the WordPress Orlando organizing team.

v1.0-Beta, version 2

I’ve added new features to Wyvern as part of the push out of Beta. I’m playing around with Customizer controls, with Header & Footer background styles set via the Customizer. You can also select from a list of Google Fonts for better typography options. To show this off, I’ve begun branding the site using the colors and fonts from my company‘s branding.

I’ve also slightly reorganized the structure of this page. It will be organized by release, with an H2 indicating a new release. The H2 will also be a direct link to the release files on GitHub. Smaller updates will be labeled with dates, which are now presented as H3s instead of H2s.