Who the heck is this guy?

What, you don’t know me? That’s okay. Most people don’t. That’s what this website is for, ultimately. For you to get to know me. Here’s what I do.

Orlando WordPress Developer

I’m an Orlando-based WordPress developer. I build websites for small businesses throughout Central Florida and around the country. I’m mostly a front-end developer focusing on HTML & CSS but can dig into PHP depending on how complex the task is. I’m actively learning JavaScript and will write about that process regularly.

Orlando WordPress Community Organizer

Since 2014, I’ve been involved with the Orlando WordPress community. I’ve held a few different roles within the group, both for WordCamp Orlando and the WordPress Orlando Meetup. I’m currently taking a break as I re-evaluate the best ways for me to give back to WordPress and the Orlando community.

Soccer Fan & Coach

I’ve been a soccer player and fan since I was 7 or 8, and have worked in the front office of what is now Major League Soccer’s Orlando City Soccer Club. This past Fall, I started coaching my daughters’ U-10 recreational soccer team. I enjoyed it so much that I’m looking into deepening my soccer knowledge and coaching skills by going through the U.S. Soccer coaching certification process. I may always be a rec coach for my kids, but if it grows from there, great!

Star Wars Enthusiast

While Ghostbusters was my first fandom, Star Wars has been the most powerful nerd & pop culture experience in my life. Since the release of the THX remasters in 1995, I’ve been hooked on the galaxy far, far away. I’ve turned that passion into a side project with my fiancĂ© where we write about all things Star Wars and the Galaxy’s Edge theme park expansion at Walt Disney World.

How are you in beta?

As of writing this, I’m about to turn 35, but don’t feel like my life has reached a full 1.0 release yet. Sure, I’m a fully-grown (physically), adult human being but I’m not sure I’ve found my full purpose.

My goal for 2020 is to reach full release status. What exactly that will look like hasn’t been determined, but I’ll be chronicling the process here.

What do you write about?

Sometimes I’ll talk about work stuff like coding and business philosophy that’s not a good fit for my company site, but also be a dev blog for the theme framework I’m building. Other times I’ll deal with more personal topics like dealing with my type II diabetes. Occasionally, I’ll talk about Star Wars, presuming I feel it doesn’t fit on my Star Wars website, Edge of the Galaxy. Lastly, I’ll share my thoughts on the state of American soccer, the clubs I support (Chicago Fire FC, Orlando City SC, and Chelsea FC), and my coaching experiences. There’s something for just about everybody!

With the site still in beta mode, you’ll see regular changes. Stuff will move around. Designs will evolve. The performance will (hopefully) improve. I appreciate your patience and support throughout the process and hope you’ll enjoy following along.